Chevron Federal Credit Union (CFCU) offers a number of programs and services focused on young people.

To open a youth account, access the Online Membership Application and click the "Open a Minor Account" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application.

CFCU Newborns

CFCU will make the first $25 deposit to open a new membership account - either regular membership or UTMA account (Uniform Transfer to Minor Account) - for the newborn child. (For the purposes of this offer, CFCU considers a newborn to be 365 days old or less.) Click here for details.

Age 12 and Under

Looney Tunes Kids Club

The Looney Tunes Savings Club is designed especially for our young members ages 12 and under. It is just like a savings account, but is designed to help young savers learn how to save and manage money. It's never too soon to prepare financially for the future. Click here for details.

Age 18 and Under

Your Money Matters

Be the most money-savvy teen in your school! Click here to view our Youth Newsletter and learn more about the basics of credit, interest, the difference between a credit union and a bank, and other money matters.

Age 21 and Under


The MySavings account for members 21 years old or younger offers a rate of 6.77% (7.00% APY)* on account balances up to $1,000, with balances above $1,000 earning our regular Savings rate. 

This is a great way to get young members more excited about saving as they can watch their balance grow quickly through the power of compound interest. 

There are no fees or minimum balance requirements. Please note that the account holder must sign up for eStatements within 60 days of account opening.

MySavings Criteria

The Primary Member must:

  • Be the individual that is applying for the MySavings account
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Be 21 years old or younger
  • Opt out of paper statements and sign up for eStatements within 60 days of account opening
  • Have an email address

Only one MySavings account is allowed per member.

*Rate subject to change without notice.

High School Seniors

David P. Smay Scholarship

Each spring, CFCU awards scholarships of $1,000 to members entering their first year of college. Click here for more application information.

College Students

Private Student Loan Program

CFCU has partnered with Credit Union Student Choice to offer a private student loan program that helps students and their families fill the gap between the rising costs of college and limited availability of federal aid. Click here to learn more.

Easy Parent-to-Student Money Transfers

Use CFCU’s convenient Person-to-Person Transfer service to get funds to your college student.

Transfers between CFCU accounts post immediately, while transfers to accounts outside of CFCU usually credit within three to five business days.

To get started, log in to your PC Access account and click on Transfer to Another Member or Transfer to/from Non-CFCU Accounts.